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About Kevin Monroe

I believe transformation is possible -- personally, professionally, and organizationally. A better, brighter future awaits you, your team, and your organization. To make that big leap requires deep work, honest conversations, and deliberate action.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you create a vibrant culture where leaders care, people flourish, and purpose thrives, then we should talk. Today. You’re my kind of client, and I’m your kind of consultant.

Together, we will accomplish something transformational that produces a remarkable workplace where people are free to be their best selves and do their best work. After all, isn't that the kind of company you want?

  • I was facing a major fork in the road in my life and the decision to move forward in either direction was going to have radical implications for my family and my business. I am incredibly grateful that Kevin was there for me to encourage my decision and inspire the courage for me to move in the direction I chose. Kevin is a brilliant strategist and I am grateful to have had his guidance.
    Anthony Flynn
    The Amazing CEO
  • Kevin is a fabulous speaker and resource. We have since incorporated his key messages in our annual performance review process to promote accountability.
    Erin Scannell
    Foundation Medicine, Inc.
  • Kevin is a master at the secret sauce of creating impact–asking the right questions (AND actually listening to the answers). His comforting, conscientious, caring approach guides you to discover truths about yourself and your business that you’ve been overlooking; and his supportive insights give you the clarity you need to create results.
    Dr. Michael Hudson
    Founder and Principal of Big Idea Guru, LLC
  • Kevin Monroe has a God-given ability to helping others connect with their higher purpose. Whenever I talk with Kevin, I always leave feeling confident, clear, and encouraged.
    Ray Edwards
    Founder & CEO, Ray Edwards International

Putting Purpose to Work in Your Business

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