Profiles of Purpose

There are people out there in the world - business leaders, inventors, community builders, and changemakers who are making a difference in the world. They are in business on purpose and leading the charge for change in the way we work, how we treat each other, and what we do in the world. Wouldn’t it be great to know purpose influences them or shows up in and through their work? That idea inspired this series and you can listen to these conversations and hear what they have to say. Join our community of Purpose-Powered leaders. 

Conversations to inspire, delight, and help you lead.

While we may embrace the quest for progress and improvement in our working lives as a heroic journey, many of us view travel itself as a time for leisure. In this episode, Kevin and guest Jake Haupert from the Transformational Travel Council and Explorer-X discuss the power of travel to bring greater purpose, passion and meaning to our business pursuits and lives.

Why is joy elusive to so many people, especially at work? Have you ever thought about joy as a business value? Kevin talks to Rich Sheridan about his new book Joy, Inc., and about how to create a radically different kind of workplace culture based on destroying fear and fostering dignity, respect and joy.

Charting a new path for your business is not just about making a few improvements - it’s about the transformation of individuals and institutional culture. Today, Kevin talks to Gary Adamson of Starizon about how to create real transformations in business and in oneself.

Kari is editor-in-chief of Rank and File magazine, a digital publication for purpose driven entrepreneurs and a value-based magazine. She loves talking to people about her mission, one to which she has devoted her life, and today, she and Kevin talk about the value of entrepreneurial leadership that serves others in all life.

When James Boettcher was just starting out as a young entrepreneur, the new business he had just bought burned to the ground right before opening day – after he had already invested all of his loan money in renovations. That was Fiasco Gelato, a now-thriving purpose-driven enterprise. James explains how he persevered to bring Fiasco to where it is today, and the benefits of Fiasco’s flexible and humanistic workplace culture.

Kevin sits down for an inspiring conversation with Tom Ziglar, of Ziglar, Inc. Tom was the President and CEO of Ziglar until eight years ago, when he began speaking and motivating others to change their lives. Tom and Kevin discuss how to live life on purpose, without regret. They also talk about helping others become the best versions of themselves possible, overcoming anxieties and challenges, and not regretting the choices we have made. 

Kevin sits down with Russ Stoddard, founder of Oliver Russell, a consulting business that is all about creating social and environmental impact. Oliver Russell focuses on four core values: social responsibility, creativity, collaboration, and moving forward by embracing change.

Ari Weinzweig opened Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan 36 years ago, and now Zingerman’s has grown to include 700 employees, and a wide variety of businesses from a candy factory to ladership training initiative. Kevin sits down to talk to Ari about the special culture and philosophy at Zingerman’s that has allowed the enterprise to thrive.

Cyndee Lake says her purpose is helping other people become their best selves. Cyndee is the Chief Purpose Officer of Blank Page, a company that helps people connect to their purpose through designing meaningful experiences and creating the space to have big conversations. Your purpose defines your priorities, and your priorities determine what actions you actually take. Cyndee and Kevin unpack the philosophy behind Blank Page.

Kevin talks with Lisa Cooper of Figure 8 Investment Strategies, a group that brings a multicultural perspective to financial advice and investment management. Lisa describes her purpose as creating positive social change through business. Business is potentially a really powerful tool – it’s all about learning how to use it to create positive change. Figure 8 helps people meet their financial goals while using their investments to positively impact others.

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My name is Kevin Monroe, I believe the world of work is being transformed because of purpose. That’s what inspires me in my work as a leadership consultant, executive coach, and host of the Higher Purpose Podcast. I come alongside leaders who are in business on purpose and help them activate the power purpose and see it permeate their companies. 

“What does that even mean, Kevin?”  

There are a lot of words and phrases thrown around in the leadership and personal development space these days. Words like strategy, process, growth, profit, assessment, the list goes on. While all of these words represent important concepts, there seems to be something missing in all the jargon:


People (and likewise businesses, organizations and communities) thrive when they have Purpose, and when they act in ways that are in alignment with this Purpose. When it happens - when you become Purpose-Powered, changes start to happen. You're happier. So are the people around you. You define success differently and begin enjoying more of it. 

It changes the game. For all involved.